MOCO: BLOG - Why Don't We Join Bridal Fairs Anymore
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Why We Don’t Join Bridal Fairs Anymore

Why We Don’t Join Bridal Fairs Anymore

Bridal Fairs

Q: Will MOCO be at the upcoming KLPJ Bridal Fairs?

A: We have been asked if we are going to have a booth in bridal fairs and people are surprised that we are not as we used to do so.

After being part of it for years now and learning on the way, the decision to not be part of it is a carefully weighted one, especially for our clients. Here’s why:

1. You can’t try our gowns in bridal fairs

It is important for you to like your gowns, as it is with the packages and promotion that are available. We believe in our brides feeling the dress- touching it, putting it on and liking how they look in it. That’s an experience we can’t provide you in a fair.

2. We don’t like pressuring you into signing with us

If you have walked into a fair of any kind, you’ll know that people badgering for sales is not uncommon. It is the same in a bridal fair. As consumers ourselves, we don’t like to be badgered, pulled into a sales-pitch and pressured into a commitment. Hence we don’t believe in doing the same. However in a fair like this, we will naturally lose out if we do not do the same as everyone else, and this in itself does not stand in what we believe in. We much rather you come into our comfy little studio in SS2, sit on our couch, have a drink with us and have you tell us what you’d like for your shoot. We think you’ll be more comfortable that way, too. 🙂

3. Bridal fairs are costly

We shall not give you the lowdown on the numbers but let me tell you it is a huge sum to join a big-scale fair. Naturally when a big sum of money has been invested into a feat like this, the pressure is on to make the money back. It can come in form of badgering for sales (as seen in point 2 above) or in hidden charges which is absolutely against what we believe in. We don’t think it’s fair for our potential clients to have these costs incurred on them.

So yes, don’t expect us in any of the big fairs anytime soon so visit us at our studio in SS2 where you can experience our services for yourself. We have enough parking space right at our door step and if you make a request, Diane will make you tea and serve homemade cake. 

Moving forward with not joining bridal fairs, the Team has decided to organise a Experience Weekend where you can experience our services during the event with no strings attached! Check out our Promo & Events page for more information! 
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