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MOCO Prewedding: The Story of DanVie

MOCO Prewedding: The Story of DanVie

Here is the Story of Dansen and Evelyn:

“Love is not just about initial feelings. It is about working life out with the same person – over and over again.” Dansen & Evelyn

Story of Danvie

Getting to know Dansen and Evie involved a lot of fun. From their heartwarming smiles to their epic wedding hashtags, #wongtehful (yes you guessed it right, it’s one of their official wedding hashtags) never failed to put up smiles every time we meet. When they told us their desired prewedding photography locations, we knew it was going to be an intimate and pleasant one. After the shoot, we took some time to ask them about how their love story developed into the thought of marrying each other.

  1. Why did the both of you choose these places to have your portraits taken?

Each of these places had a sentimental memory for different seasons of our relationships…

Jason’s Food Hall: Where Dansen first held my hand as we were buying ingredients for him to cook me risotto (that risotto never materialised, haha)

Starbucks: Where we had deep conversations about our relationships, values we hold, spiritual faith.


Park: We had a roller coaster of emotions here; from thinking whether we should get together, to deciding to walk away and preserve the friendship. But it was also where I decided to propose to Evie so that the park always has good memories.


2. Do you remember the first thing he said to you when he asked you to be his girlfriend?

“Really? I can ask now?”

These are the exact words that Dansen confidently declared his interest in me. After a period of “unofficial dates”, we finally came to a conclusion that we really loved one another and wanted to be together.

3. How did the both of you meet?

We were high school classmates in Form 4 and had been friends for almost 10 years prior to dating. Right before we started dating, we found out that we were also kindergarten classmates! (we have our kinder photo for evidence!)

4. How long have the both of you dated before Dansen proposed?

1249 days
(PS: Worth the wait, guys!)

5. Where are your favourite dating spots? And why are these places sentimental for the both of you?

Starbucks! Evie *loves* the Green Tea Latte, and also because we had many deep conversations here prior to officially “dating”. Generally our dating places involve food because we both like to eat; or we just chill at home as we are both not very keen to be in traffic jams.

6. Give us one practical tip that was effective for the both of you to prepare well for the wedding day.

Agree on a bigger goal/purpose beyond typical, superfluous needs/wants. We were keen to have a decent event than ran well, good venue, food etc. What truly got us back on track in times of conflict or doubt is our goal of honouring God and our parents. At the end of the day (or arguments), we had to ask ourselves; “Does this glorify God and honour our parents?”

The answer to that question helped us decide the next best step to take.

7. If there are two things that you would tell every couple out there about love, what would it be?

Love is something you work at, and not just fall into; nurtured over time, not to be taken for granted. At the end of the day, remember that your other half is not an entitlement; it is an honour to be able to love and be with someone who reciprocates. It’s a privilege, and we need to respect that.

Thank you Dansen & Evelyn for giving us the opportunity to capture your unique story. Wishing you the happiest of marriage, from all of us at MOCO!

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