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Long Distance to Marriage: The Story of Lester & Ploy

Long Distance to Marriage: The Story of Lester & Ploy

“Long distance tests the journey but fulfils the hearts.” It’s obvious Lester is head over heels for Ploy, even after years of courting her. Their love is significant in the way they communicate and share their days with us. Love indeed transforms the littlest things in life into something beautiful.

Story of Lester & Ploy

1. How did you guys meet? How long have the both of you been dating?
Ploy : Mutual friends introduced me to Lester and we exchanged numbers. Soon after, we started texting. He was in Australia when we met and we had a 3 years LDR between Australia and Bangkok before I moved to Malaysia. We have been dating for 5 years.
2. What do you love about each other?

Ploy : I love that Lester is a smart and caring gentleman. He takes care of me all the time and is attentive to my mood swings.

Lester : Ploy is an all-season caring person. She is also very supportive of my job and all that I do. The important part is that she allows me to be who I am. Of course, she is also very beautiful!

3. How did Lester propose to you?
Well, he proposed to me in year 2016 on the Singapore Flyer. He booked the entire 10-seater private capsule for his friends and I. At first I thought it was a birthday surprise because it was my birthday weekend. It seemed like an ordinary evening until Lester knelt on one knee and asked if I were to marry him. Honestly I didn’t hear and remember everything he said because I was surprised and so happy at the same time. Of course I said yes!
4. If there is one thing you would tell Ploy everyday, what would it be?
She is the best choice I’ve ever made.
5. The chemistry between the both of you are strong and evident. How do you keep such a good chemistry in this relationship?
Ploy: For me I just make everyday like the day when we first started dating. Never be angry with each other overnight. If one person is in the heat, the other must be cool. Always compliment and encourage one another.

Lester: It comes naturally when you marry the one you know you want to spend the rest of your life with.


6. Give us one practical advise on how to prepare yourself for the upcoming wedding.

Ploy: Planning is very important. You must first have a plan and do your research. It’s better to plan your wedding early because at the last minutes, you might not have what you want for the wedding.

Lester: Start saving money 2 lifetime ago. (Haha, very funny, Lester!)

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