MOCO: BLOG - MOCO's Makeup Extraordinaire: Catherine Lum!
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MOCO’s Makeup Extraordinaire: Catherine Lum!

MOCO’s Makeup Extraordinaire: Catherine Lum!

Meet our Makeup Artist!

Whether you’re looking for au natural or unique makeover styles, Catherine Lum knows how to satisfy your needs through her delicate and professional makeup. Cat’s friendly and approachable character has made her uniquely in demand in Malaysia’s wedding industry. Knowing her for quite a while now, our brides love her for her swift and perfect makeup techniques as well as her power to transform them into beautiful brides. Catherine also ensures her client’s experience on their wedding day do not end there and then, but she continues to provide touch-up supports throughout the hours, making sure they look effortlessly stunning.

makeup artist - Catherine

Catherine’s genuine passion for work has brought her a long way since she started this journey of brushes and blushes.

Let’s hear from her and what she has to say.

What aspires you to start your makeup career in the wedding industry?
When I first started working in a wedding studio, I was inspired by the makeup artists then who transformed every bride into gorgeous princesses. The makeup process and end results are important to women who seek to look their best on their big day. From then on, I was motivated to be a professional makeup artist.

What’s type of makeup technique do you use? Air brush or normal powder makeup?

Airbrush makeovers are increasingly popular these days. Before I start my work on my clients’ faces, I usually examine their skin condition and would use my makeup products accordingly. Airbrush makeovers helps add the notion of natural beauty, which means the overall makeover would not feel heavy and concentrated but at the same time enhances the beauty of your face. Most importantly, it’s the after effect of these makeovers that help my clients feel beautiful about themselves.

Tell us one of your memorable experience ever since you started this journey as a makeup artist.

I’ve loved every moment of being able to make brides feel confident on their wedding day. When my clients’ beauty is taken care and their makeovers compliment their wedding dresses and style, it’s the best exchange in the entire world! It’s funny how over the years you discover that makeup boosts confidence in women as they prepare themselves for the big day. When I see my clients happy, I am also content in what I’ve achieved.

Here are some examples of her previous work on our brides!

Happy couple after the shoot 🙂

Here are some of Cat’s other works:

KK & Elaine at Cameron Highlands

Lester & Ploy at KLCC



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