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5 Things To DO Before Confirming Your Photographer!

5 Things To DO Before Confirming Your Photographer!

So, where do we exactly start? While you fumble through your wedding to-do list, allow us to save your wedding planning time by sharing the latest tips on how to get your pre-wedding and wedding day photography sorted (once and for all!). While there are a hundred and one bridal studios to visit, you and your future partner start looking for your dream wedding photographer(s) with these easy tips – not mentioning how much time you save while juggling with your job and family expectations at the same time! Here are 5 things to DO before confirming your photographer!


  1. Communicate with your photographer
    With this, we mean COMMUNICATE. Assumptions are your worst enemies when it comes to getting your photos done prior or on your wedding day. Work out your desired photography style with your hired photographer and tell them what your ideas are. Do allow your photographer to share his/her input as well because they’re the best at what they do – capture your most memorable memories of your wedding day. Remember to also ask your photographer for a reasonable photos delivery timeline!
  2. Ask for the details (and hidden charges!)
    We love it when couples come to us with a long list of questions. From editing processes to charges for additional photography hours, rest assured we will do our best to minimize frills, add-ons and upgrades! Your photography experience will determine your process and preparation leading up to your wedding day. It’s always a good choice to ask how much do you have to actually pay for your shoot before signing the contract.
  3. Research up on your photographer
    Reviews do play an important part on deciding which photographer you’ll settle with. From their involvement in the wedding industry to the way they treat their clients, be aware of how they have treated other couples who are simply like you! A genuine page of reviews about your photographer would consist of good and bad experiences. Don’t only settle for the good reviews but also question them for their credibility.
  4. Be yourself and settle on a style
    Before settling on any photographers, be sure of what type of photography style you prefer. From portraiture to fine art, learn of these differences rather than following what your friend or family did previously. Every photographer has different experiences and style of shoot. Make sure you know what you really want to see in your wedding photos that you can truly call your own!
  5. Ask about your rights
    Most of the time, your photographers owns the copyrights to your photos. In other words, your photos will be utilised for promotional initiatives. Unless your existence is bound with security issues, you would have to discuss the rights in your contract with the photographer before putting in your signature. It’s important to know your rights of all the photographs taken of you before you’re taken in for a good round of surprises.


**Disclaimer: Ultimately we would want our couples to be comfortable with their choices as the services you pick will be with you till your wedding day. These tips are just some thoughts to help you make the right decisions, though the choice may not be us!

Written by Joanne Lee

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