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MOCO is 9 years old!

MOCO started originally as Moco Bridal Gallery in Puchong. Since 2017, it has been rebranded to MOCO: Moments of Cherished Occasions. MOCO is now anchored by Cheryl & Diane. Both photographers of their own specialty.

Women understanding women

We understand how a photo shoot can be quite intimidating and vulnerable for a woman. Regardless of shape or size, we believe that every woman is beautiful in their own way and we love to portray that through photos. At MOCO, we strive to create a safe and comfortable experience for all.

MOCO Photographers

Meet The Photographers

Diane Lee

Family & Corporate Photographer

This is Diane.

She is our lifestyle photographer who mainly photographs family, maternity, children and corporate profiles.
She is extremely warm and friendly. She loves balloons, cats & coffee. Her superpower includes having more than 10 different laughs (seriously) and the power to keep children entertained. Plus, she serves up awesome cups of coffee AND tea!

Cheryl Wong

Wedding & Pre-Wedding Photographer

This is Cheryl.

She is our pre-wedding and wedding photographer, so she's all about getting couples together and making them look great. At first Cheryl might seem a little awkward but once she warms up to you she is actually quite funny. Her superpower is she has the ability to binge watch Netflix for many, many hours, but that's probably how she is able to be so insightful and creative. Also she is a walking IMDB, equipped with the knowledge of celebrities (western ones, not Chinese though!)

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Pre-Wedding in Taiwan

Behind The Scenes

Outdoor Corporate Portraits

Behind The Scenes

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