5 Things to consider when choosing your photographer!

Picking the right photographer can be a daunting task! There are so many good photographers out there but who is the right one for your event or to capture your portraits. Here are 5 things to consider when choosing your photographer!

1) Budget

"Why are some photographers more expensive than some?"

There are no moderating body for photographers in the market, so photographers charge according to what their time is worth. Usually a more experienced photographer will be more expensive, however that is not always the case. At the end of the day, it's up to the photographer on how they want to compete in the market.

As the Chinese Saying goes "一分钱一分货", you get what you pay for. We have had many enquiries with low budgets i.e RM1000 for a Full Day Wedding Coverage with 2 Photographers. It is possible to find such packages in the market, however do keep in mind that photographers who charge at low prices may or may not have the experience or have the business infrastructure to support paying clients.

One can say that photography services should not be expensive since it's just clicking of the camera, a smart phone can take good photos too. But photographers who are full time in this field have invested a lot of money in their equipment and paid thousands in workshop fees to upgrade their skills just to deliver beautiful and professional photos of your most momentous events.

Tip: Equate your budget according to how important these photos are for you.

It's all about the money, money, money

2) Photography Style / Editing Style

"Every photographer has their own unique style of storytelling through photography."

Style is one of easiest to distinguish, look through the photographers' portfolio and see if you like their colours, their concept and the way they bring out the subjects emotions cos you will be standing in front of their camera one day.

Whether you prefer the minimalist style, where the background is very clean and the main focus is the subject or your prefer to be landscape centric where the location is very important to you. Ultimately, the style should reflect your own personal style. If you love black & white or vibrant colours, choose a photographer that excels in that.

Tip: Look through the photographer's portfolio and see if you resonate with their style.

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3) Chemistry

"A photographer sometimes feel like a friend with a camera."

We often encourage to meet in person especially if it's to cover your wedding day. As your Wedding Photographer, we will be present at some of your most personal moments: at your first look, when your parents share their wishes, when you shed tears of joy, kisses between loved ones just to name a few. It is best that you get acquainted with your photographer before the event itself.

You don't need to be the best of friends with your photographer, but at least be comfortable with your photographer. Chemistry helps with trusting your photographer and responding well to their ideas and direction.

Tip: Be comfortable with your photographer.

We have fun on your wedding day too!

4) Value

"A photographer can offer more than just photography."

It's a great time to be planning a shoot! Whether it's for your wedding or for your annual family portraits, you have options to add value to your photoshoot. For the soon to be brides out there, you can choose a photographer that has dresses or can provide prints. For those planning for a family shoot, you can choose a photographer with a studio. Feel free to ask about add ons beforehand or even after the shoot. Usually photographers would have a panel of quality printers or dresses available at your disposal.

Tip: Think about what you would need with your photos and ask your photographer if they have it to offer.

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5) Reputation

"Authentic customer reviews say a lot about the photographer."

In this age of FB, Google and online forums, it's easy to read reviews about a certain photographer. We encourage that while you are choosing a photographer, read what others say about the experience. If there are no available FB or Google reviews, then look through online forums or ask around your circle of friends. A good or bad reputation can circulate widely, but do read through how the photographer responds to negative reviews, that would show if active steps have been taken to rectify the complaint.

Tip: Read through a lot of reviews to gauge the service of the photographer.

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