The Tale of 2 Sisters

"Who is the older sister?" Thats what we get asked a lot. LOL

Obviously Cheryl is the older sister, she is 7 years older than Esther. We come from a family of 5 siblings, it's never quiet at home! We never planned on being in the Wedding Industry together. Cheryl just loved photographing weddings and Esther was still studying and running her Minibites business on the side when Cheryl started in the industry. To know more about Cheryl, you can read more in our ABOUT page. Here's a little more about Esther, the founder & lead floral designer at Afterbloom Events.

Photographed by Cheryl at Imprezz Gallery

Esther first stepped into the world of events design in 2014, and launched Afterbloom in 2018 while working & transitioning out of her full-time job. Her journey in event design all started with curiosity of how flowers and design can transform a space and transport you to a particular feeling or idea. She believes that every event she producse should relate to the couple's personality and story. Although Afterbloom started as an event decoration company, she loves flowers and use it as her main medium and inspiration!

Esther in action

Random facts about the sisters:

- We both don't look alike. You will only believe it when we tell you we are sisters

- They are both born in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, but have lived in Kuala Lumpur for almost 20 years now

- Esther is definitely the gentler of the two sisters, maybe that's why she can handle such delicate details like flowers!

- Esther is vegetarian while Cheryl loves a good steak

- Esther's first foray into business was at 17 years old, 10 years ago! She sold her handmade polymer clay creations online, and she was interviewed/featured on various media like The Malay Mail, BFM, Berita Harian, etc

- Esther is a lifelong learner! She taught herself floristry when she first started Afterbloom, but have since invested more into education

Cheryl (left) Esther (right) with their dad & brother Leonard who is a baker

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